Smarter Mortgages

Branding & Product Design

Designing a Millennial-Forward Mortgage Product.

One of Chicago's most innovative digital mortgage products, the startup was in need of a visual identity and product which would emotionally resonate with design-forward millennials. 

Built & Designed in Chicago

We worked collaboratively with the SRM team in order to bring the visual brand to life, help scale the product, and launch a digital marketing campaign.

Humanizing the App: UI Illustration System

We created beautiful and flexible UI illustrations as a design language system for the digital product.

Creative Ideation

From logo design, to supporting visual elements, we constructed a strategic and scalable brand that would pair well with the illustration system we developed - working collaboratively with the small startup to achieve a strong sense of purpose.

Content and SEO Strategy

We painted the vision for the full digital brand, including a strategy for gaining traction and visibility in the market place.

Creative Director: Taj Tarsha; Interaction Designer: Timmur Abbasov, Senior Illustrator: Rafael Botti

Designed by Mabbly

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